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Suxxeed x-fit inner lining VG1 - Reitstiefel Kandel - Dein Reitshop
UvexSuxxeed X-Fit Inner Lining VG1
Offer price€24,95 EUR

1 Color available

exxeed Mips exxeed Mips
Uvexexxeed Mips
Offer price€379,95 EUR
Helmtasche riding helmet bag black - Reitstiefel Kandel - Dein Reitshop
Reithelm perfexxion II - Reitstiefel Kandel - Dein Reitshop Reithelm perfexxion II - Reitstiefel Kandel - Dein Reitshop
UvexRiding helmet perfexxion II
Offer price€249,95 EUR

5 Colors available

Reithelm onyxx - Reitstiefel Kandel Reithelm onyxx - Reitstiefel Kandel
UvexRiding helmet onyxx
Offer priceFrom €49,95 EUR

11 Colors available

Reithelm Equestro Maverick - Reitstiefel Kandel - Dein Reitshop Reithelm Equestro Maverick - Reitstiefel Kandel - Dein Reitshop
EquestroReithhelm Equestro Maverick
Offer price€107,00 EUR
Reithelm Eclipse - Reitstiefel Kandel - Dein Reitshop Reithelm Eclipse - Reitstiefel Kandel - Dein Reitshop
EquestroReithhelm Eclipse
Offer priceFrom €99,00 EUR
Reithelm suxxeed chrome - Reitstiefel Kandel - Dein Reitshop Reithelm suxxeed chrome - Reitstiefel Kandel - Dein Reitshop
UvexRiding helmet suxxeed chrome
Offer price€329,95 EUR

2 Colors available

Reithelm elexxion - Reitstiefel Kandel Reithelm elexxion - Reitstiefel Kandel
UvexRiding helmet elexxion
Offer price€139,95 EUR

2 Colors available

Sold out
exxeed flash exxeed flash
Uvexexxeed flash
Offer price€899,95 EUR

2 Colors available

perfexxion III shiny perfexxion III shiny
Uvexperfexxion III shiny
Offer price€299,95 EUR

3 Colors available

perfexxion III grace perfexxion III grace
Uvexperfexxion III grace
Offer price€359,95 EUR

2 Colors available

exxeed active exxeed active
Uvexexxeed active
Offer price€329,95 EUR

2 Colors available

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exxeed glow exxeed glow
Uvexexxeed glow
Offer price€499,95 EUR

3 Colors available

exxeed jewel exxeed jewel
Uvexexxeed jewel
Offer price€649,95 EUR

2 Colors available

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exxeed diamond exxeed diamond
Uvexexxeed diamond
Offer price€549,95 EUR

2 Colors available

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exxeed shiny chrome exxeed shiny chrome
Uvexexxeed shiny chrome
Offer price€349,95 EUR

3 Colors available

perfexxion III perfexxion III
Uvexperfexxion III
Offer price€259,95 EUR

4 Colors available

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exxeed pro exxeed pro
Uvexexxeed pro
Offer price€399,95 EUR
Helmbag - Reitstiefel Kandel - Dein Reitshop
EQuestHelmet bag
Offer price€24,95 EUR

2 Colors available

Helmet bag with Euroriding logo Helmet bag with Euroriding logo
EuroridingHelmet bag with Euroriding logo
Offer price€22,95 EUR

1 Color available

Reithelmtasche RIO - Reitstiefel Kandel - Dein Reitshop Reithelmtasche RIO - Reitstiefel Kandel - Dein Reitshop
BusseRiding helmet bag RIO
Offer price€45,90 EUR

2 Colors available

Reithelm suxxeed blaze - Reitstiefel Kandel - Dein Reitshop Reithelm suxxeed blaze - Reitstiefel Kandel - Dein Reitshop
UvexRiding helmet suxxeed blaze
Offer price€399,95 EUR

3 Colors available

Reithelm perfexxion II grace - Reitstiefel Kandel - Dein Reitshop Reithelm perfexxion II grace - Reitstiefel Kandel - Dein Reitshop
UvexRiding helmet perfexxion II grace
Offer price€349,95 EUR

1 Color available

Would you like to buy a new riding helmet online? Then you are exactly right in our equestrian shop. We offer you riding helmets with maximum security and quality so that you are protected in the event of a fall. The selection of our riding caps is limited because we would like to offer you specially selected models. A riding helmet is an elementary part of the riding equipment and should be in the possession of each rider in a suitable form. Health and security are at the top when riding. For this reason, we only offer models that always correspond to the latest riding helmet standard. Regardless of whether you can choose a jumping helmet or dressage riding helmet-you can choose in our equestrian shop between hard shell riding helmets, hybrid helmets and in-Mold riding helmets. For jumping, versatility and terrain sport, we recommend wearing a hard shell helmet. Discover our different brands from Uvex, Samshield, Pikeur, buses above Cask are sufficient.

Which riding helmet size suits me?

So that you can find the matching riding helmet size for you, you can measure your head circumference with a measuring tape. The ribbon should be created about 1cm above your eyebrows and laid horizontally around your head. Measuring the riding helmet is particularly important for riding helmets without continuously adjustable size and the measured cm correspond to the size of the riding helmet. In the products of our shop, different sizes can be selected at the riding helmets. If your size is no longer in stock, please don't be afraid to contact us.

Women's riding helmet

Whether with the women's riding helmet or e.g. children's riding helmet - the following aspects should always be observed when buying:
Security standard

Since there are many riding helmet shops online with dubious offers, you should always pay attention to the CE marking. This European guideline is necessary for protective equipment. However, so that there is also complete security, the helmet must fit properly. It should not slip or press when trying it out. Also pay good comfort, because it will accompany you for some time. For the look, regardless of whether it is a children's riding helmet or women's riding helmet, we offer different colors, models and also glitter riding helmets.

Ride helmet with glitter

A glitter riding helmet is preferred to be chosen by women and children. The small sparkling stones and patterns give you an exclusive look - matching Riding pants, Riding jacket, dem Ridiculed or the Saddlebap.

Riding is our passion and we love our horses, all the more beautiful when we stand out in the crowd and shine with an extravagant outfit. Ride helmets with glitter are particularly popular at tournaments, as it lifts tournament clothing to new level. Browse through our riding helmet selection and order your security companion easily and easily.

Ride helmets uvex

Uvex As a riding helmet manufacturer, has earned an excellent reputation in the equestrian world. The mark Uvex Not only quality and security, but also for an innovative design. Riders of all disciplines, regardless of whether dressage, jumping, versatility or similar, appreciate comfort and reliability.

A special feature of the Uvex riding helmets is the advanced security technology. Many models have a MIPS (multi-directional impact protection system), which offers additional protection by reducing the rotary forces when falling. This can help minimize possible head injuries that can occur in the event of riding accidents.

In addition, they are Uvex riding helmets Made with high -quality materials that not only ensure a long service life, but are also available in different colors and designs. Something can be found here for every rider taste.

Samshield riding helmets

Samshield riding helmets are another popular selection in the riding world. They are not only characterized by modern aesthetics, but also have an innovative security technology. They are popular with professional athletes and leisure riders and offer a high level of protection.

A very special feature of these riding helmets is personalization, because riders can choose from different surface materials, designs and colors. This does not necessarily make it easier for riding helmet selection, but a desired model can be selected according to individual preferences.

The safety of these riding helmets is guaranteed by MIPS and EPS foam. The helmets are designed in such a way that the head is protected from bumps and blows. However, this also applies Uvex, buses, Pikeur and our other riding helmet brands.

Busse riding helmets

Also Busse riding helmets shine with a wide range of different helmet models for riders of all disciplines and experience levels. A Busse Reithhelm is known primarily for the affordable price and the solid design. They are therefore ideal as a beginner riding helmet or for leisure rider.

Pikeur riding helmets

Pikeur has made itself a well -known name worldwide as an equestrian brand, especially also the Pikeur riding helmets. Simple, elegant and popular - this applies to this classic. The Pikeur helmets are known for their longevity and high-quality processing and are available in different colors and sizes. This ranges from the women's riding helmet, children's riding helmet, men's riding helmet, to chic tournament riding helmets.


Cask has specialized in high -quality helmets for various sports as a brand, including equestrian sports. KUSK REITHELME are characterized above all by their innovative design and advanced security technology. The helmets are also known for their slim appearance and aerodynamic shape. KUSK REITHELME are particularly popular with professional riders if a great value is placed on performance and style. The safety of these riding helmets is guaranteed by MIPS and in-Mold constructions.

A riding helmet in brown or black?

Black and brown riding helmets are the classics among the riding helmet color options. However, the choice of color is a personal preference that you should meet for yourself. For example, if you like a glitter riding helmet better with colorful color, you will also find it with us. Security is the same. Brown and black are so popular because they are the classic equestrian sports colors and match most of the riding outfits-as well as Saddle, Bridle, Ankle boots and Chaps in brown/black.

Ride helmet test

Buying a suitable riding helmet requires some considerations. The most important aspect is security, i.e. does the helmet meet the necessary safety standards in my area of ​​application / my discipline? Second, it must be checked that the riding helmet is optimal. In our shop you will find specially selected riding helmets in the test, all of which correspond to the European security standard and are certified. After ordering your riding helmet online, you can try it out in peace. If it doesn't fit, you can send it back to us. At the riding helmet test at home you should ask yourself the following questions:
Does the riding helmet print in places?
The helmet wobbles?
Is it tight without pressure when I shake my head?
Do I like the design?
Does it hurt when I knock on it slightly from above?
Do I like the strap and the fabric sits well on my lower chin?

Children riding helmets

A good riding helmet is particularly essential for children. From the first hour of riding, this should already be ready, because according to the latest riding standard, this is duty. Many clubs also require a riding helmet for children and adolescents under the age of 18, because equestrian sport is not a harmless sport. Regardless of whether in school lessons, or as a private rider - serious injuries can be avoided with a well -fitting riding helmet.

But which riding helmet is suitable for children? In general, a children's riding helmet must be changed more often than in adults. This is due to growth and the lack of security due to an inappropriate helmet. Many of our riding helmets have a size adjustment so that a new riding helmet does not have to be bought every year. For girls, a last change in size is usually sufficient from the age of 15-17, since from here there is no longer any growth of the head. However, this cannot be generalized. In order to be able to determine the ideal children's riding helmet, the head circumference should also be measured using a measuring tape.

Danger: The use of a bicycle helmet, even for the first riding lessons, should be avoided. A bicycle helmet does not meet the security standards that a riding helmet should meet.

What is often searched for in the children's riding helmet?
• Children's riding helmet Uvex
• Children's riding helmet Pikeur
• Children's riding helmets with color
• Children's riding helmets with glitter
• Children's riding helmet test
• Children's riding helmet 48-52
• Reithhelm girl glitter
• Children's riding helmet Unicorn

Discover safe children's riding helmets in our equestrian shop and are unscathed when it comes to good quality with high security standards.

Ridehelm bag and riding helmet care products

The correct care and storage of your riding helmet is important to extend the lifespan and ensure the protection for a long time. With a riding helmet bag you can protect your piece of jewelry from scratches and dirt - whether in the saddle cabinet, car, horse trailer or at home. A riding helmet bag helps above all that your helmet is kept dry. So you can avoid mold formation.

There are nursing products from Reithhelm:
• helmet cleaner
• Inner cushion cleaner
• Ridehelm visiting

How much does a good riding helmet cost?

A good riding helmet lasts for years and so good quality should not be underestimated. Therefore, the costs for a riding helmet with high safety standards are up to 300-600 €. The prices differ depending on the brand, security features, materials, designs and additional functions.

In general, however, the price of a riding helmet says nothing about the quality. Our equestrian shop only leads the best and safest riding helmets in the test. If a helmet does not suit you, you can reorder a different size at any time.

Bearing helmet must be mandatory?

The question of whether wearing a riding helmet is a duty, varied from country to country and from riding stable. In many countries or riding clubs, wearing a helmet is considered a duty for minors. For adult riders, it depends on the respective regulations and provisions.

Important points on the Reithhelm Mandatory:

Legal provisions: In some countries there are legal provisions that prescribe the wearing of riding helmets for certain age groups or riding situations. These laws vary and can be regulated at national or regional level.

Riding stable rules: Many riding stables and riding clubs have their own rules/ regulations in terms of wearing a riding helmet. Some can make wearing helmets for all riders, (regardless of age), while other stables may have fewer strict requirements.

Insurance obligation: In some cases, wearing a helmet can be a prerequisite for insurance coverage. If you should be injured in a riding accident and have not worn a helmet, this could have an impact on insurance benefits.

Personal responsibility: Regardless of the regulations, the wearing of a helmet is always a question of personal security. Riding is a sport with a certain risk and a helmet can help prevent or reduce head injuries when falling. It is therefore quite advisable to wear a good riding helmet. A high -quality riding helmet is therefore an investment in your health and security.