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Abschwitzdecke Cosy - Reitstiefel Kandel - Dein Reitshop Abschwitzdecke Cosy - Reitstiefel Kandel - Dein Reitshop
EuroridingCozy sweat blanket
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Abschwitzdecke BASIC II - Reitstiefel Kandel - Dein Reitshop Abschwitzdecke BASIC II - Reitstiefel Kandel - Dein Reitshop
BusseSweat blanket BASIC II
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3 Colors available

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Abschwitzdecke Polarfleece (320 gr/qm) - Reitstiefel Kandel - Dein Reitshop Abschwitzdecke Polarfleece (320 gr/qm) - Reitstiefel Kandel - Dein Reitshop
PassierPolar fleece sweat blanket (320 gr/sqm)
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Abschwitzdecke Platinum SATIN SHOW - Reitstiefel Kandel - Dein Reitshop Abschwitzdecke Platinum SATIN SHOW - Reitstiefel Kandel - Dein Reitshop
EskadronSweat blanket Platinum Satin Show
Offer price€69,98 EUR Regular price€139,95 EUR

3 Colors available

Sweat blankets for horses

Sweat blankets are an essential part of every riding equipment. Every horse owner should have at least one in the stable so that the horse does not catch a cold. As the name "sweat blanket" suggests, they contribute to the sweat of the horse - whether after jumping training, the dresser or a long ride. They support the drying process, prevent cold draft or muscle tension and contribute to the fact that the horse Falling or cold temperatures do not become sick.

Our sweat blankets are of high quality and breathable so that the moisture is not saved in the fabric and a wet blanket is on your horse. So if you see small droplets on the ceiling, it fulfills its purpose: the horse becomes dry and it transports the moisture to the outside.

When use a sweat ceiling?

From when you use a sweat blanket depends on whether your horse is sheared, a lot sweats, how thick the fur is and how the outside temperatures behave. In general, at temperatures below 10 degrees, it is already advisable to put on a thin blanket after training. So your horse can sweat in peace when riding dry and stays healthy. You can also leave the ceiling on the box for 15-30 minutes after riding the dry-a little tip from our riding shop experts.

Which waste blanket sizes are there?

Each horse has a different long back and the kidneys must be protected. The most frequently purchased sizes are:
• Sweat blanket 115 cm
• Sweat ceiling 125 cm
• Sweat ceiling 135 cm
• Sweat ceiling 145 cm
• Sweat ceiling 155 cm
• Sweat blanket pony

But the size selection is not yet everything, because there are practical blankets in any explanations:
• with glitter
• with neck part
• Personalized
• with sticker
• printed
• With a pummeline horn
• with belly belt
• in white, black, red, blue, green & Co.

As you can see, the variety is large and so you can choose sale from different brands such as Eskadron, Bucas, Busse, Euroriding, Schockemöhle, Passier, Horze, Equest, and Cavallo in our sweat blanket.

Sweat blanket with a neck part

A sweat blanket with a neck part is the right choice if you want to make sure that your horse is completely protected against cold and drafts. They offer additional protection for the sensitive neck and neck area of ​​your horse and complement the protection of a conventional sweat blanket. In our equestrian shop we also offer models with and without belly belt.

Protection against cold and drafts:

The neck area of ​​a horse is particularly susceptible to drafts. The neck part protects this sensitive area from cool weather conditions and wind. Especially in the cold months or in horses that freeze slightly, they are of great benefit.

Welding drainage and temperature regulation:
They consist of high -quality materials such as fleece or wool, which gives an effective derivation of sweat and moisture from the horse body. This ensures that your horse dries quickly after each training or e.g. lunging. At the same time, excavation is prevented.

Comfort and freedom of movement:
Sweat ceilings with a neck part are designed so that they offer an optimal fit and freedom of movement. The horse head can be moved freely while the neck is kept warm. Especially in winter, for example, if the neck is sweated through, you should have a horse blanket with a neck part in your equipment. Horses are cold very quickly and so, for example, coughing with horses can bring serious consequences.

Fashionable diversity:
The selection of models is broad. You can choose from different colors and designs so that not only functionality, but also the aesthetic aspect is met. From simple and classic designs to models with elaborate decorations or patterns - there is the right sweat ceiling for every taste.

Care and cleaning:
Sweat blankets (whether with or without a neck part) can usually be easily cleaned. Most models can be washed in the washing machine at 30 degrees. However, it is important to consider the manufacturer instructions on the label so that the fibers and structure do not suffer any damage.

Overall, neck sections offer comprehensive protection and are a good investment. After exhausting activities, your horse can quickly get warm and dry so that you can Stable blanket can hang up or protect your horse (despite the wind) on the paddock.

Eskadron sweat blanket

Who of you has an escadron sweat blanket?
Almost everyone, because the brand Escadron has made a strong reputation in the riding world. Escadron sweat blankets are characterized above all by their first-class workmanship and their stylish design. They offer horses maximum comfort and protection at the same time, for nevertheless affordable prices. Every year new collections await you from this equestrian brand with suitable Gait, Bandages, Sabracks and Riding outfits - to match your sweat blanket.

Sweat blanket with glitter

Are you looking for a cool sweat blanket with glitter for your horse? Our brands offer great models - from pony to big horse. You can choose between different designs, e.g. with a glitter logo, a glitter font or other motifs.

Sweat blanket for ponies

We also have the right blanket for our little heroes to sweat. From a pony pummeleinhorn sweat ceiling to great versions of the company Escadron, Bucas and Co.

Sweat blanket Bucas

Bucas has been particularly established in the world of horse blankets - so we offer you a diverse Bucas sweat blanket selection. With us you can find some with belly belt, neck part, in stripes or other great colors. There are also models in our shop, which you can use ideal on the paddock or the last pasture period in the transition. Here we recommend one with a belly belt so that it does not slip down.

The right size: Wildlays 115, 125, 135, 145 & Co.

How do I correctly measure a sweat blanket?
Measuring the sweat blanket is important to determine the right size for your horse and to have an optimal fit. We will show you how you can optimally measure your sweat blanket.

What you need:
• A flexible tape.
• Helping hands, to lay the tape measure

Step-by-step instructions:
  1. Make sure your horse is calm and relaxed, ideally in a well -lit and flat surroundings.
  2. Your horse should be in normal posture without stretching, bending or bending.
  3. Start measuring the back length. The starting point is the withers, the highest point on the neck of your horse. Put the tape on this point and lead it along the back to the tail root. This is the dimensions for the back length of the ceiling.
  4. Next you should measure the side length. To do this, create the measuring tape on the withers and lead it over the flank of your horse to the point where you want the ceiling end. This can be the beginning of the Schweizer or another desired area.
  5. In order to determine the right size for the neck part, the height of the reversal measurement from the shoulder of your horse to the upper neckline. This is important to ensure that the neck part is not too narrow or too loose. However, measuring the back length should be the focus because the unit sizes flexibly offer space.

Write down the values ​​so that you can use them in online shopping. Most ceilings are bought in sizes 125 cm, 135 cm, 145 cm and 155cm. When buying, it is always important that the sweat blanket is not too tight / briefly so that your horse does not get any scours or a cold train.

Sweat blanket cheap - sale

In our sweating ceiling sale you will find reduced articles from Escadron, Bucas or e.g. Horze. We are continuously expanding our range, adapted to the latest riding sports collections and keep you up to date with the latest styles. For pony riders and our young sporting youngsters, we also offer the particularly popular cheating ceilings from Equest, in different colors and variations. You can also find models with lambskin collar or a neck extension so that your horse and you can counteract the cold seasons well prepared. For the tournament season there are bright models in white, beige or gray so that your look gets the last grinding.

Why are sweat blankets important?

Sweat ceilings are of crucial importance for the care, health and well -being of your horse.

Temperature regulation:
They play a key role in regulating the horse body temperature by efficiently dissipate sweat and moisture. This prevents hypothermia, especially on cold days.

They protect horses from muscle tension and cold that can occur when the fur stays wet, be it due to sweat or rain.

They keep sweat and dirt away from the fur, which makes it much easier to maintain and clean the horse.

115 cm, 125 cm, 135 cm, 145 cm and 155 cm - these are the most frequently purchased sizes. However, our range also offers others.

A little tip for further important riding vicinals: the right one Stable blanket, Lambskin, Additional feed and a warm riding jacket.