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Voucher for riders & gifts for horse lovers?

A voucher for rider is undoubtedly one of the best gifts that you can make a horse lover. It opens the door to a world of diverse shopping opportunities. Regardless of whether you are looking for the ideal gift for a beginner or experienced rider, a rider voucher is the solution.

On the following occasions, a voucher is particularly suitable as a gift:
• Birthday
• Christmas
• Invitation
• Thank you very much
• Easter
• Nikolaus
• Communion / confirmation
• Souvenir / small Goody
• Abitur / reward

Who is a tab voucher for?
• Children
• Teenager
• Adult
• Friends / acquaintances
• Partner / partner
• Parents grandparents
• riding instructor / riding instructor

Basically, the Kandel "Voucher-Rider & Horse" is suitable for every enthusiastic horse lover as a gift idea, because our equestrian shop offers everything in articles and accessories that the equestrian sport requires.

There is a limitless selection, starting with high -quality riding clothing and Riding boots up to Saddle, Care products for horses, Bridle, Gait, Riding jackets, Tournament jackets, Breeches And much more.

You can be sure that you will find what rider wishes meet. However, we are not only concerned with riding articles, but also a unique shopping experience.

Riding is more than just a hobby: it is a limitless passion and love. A lot of time and work flows into horses and sport, which is why it should be designed more. That is why we not only offer you first -class riding vicinals with quality, but also great discounts & actions.

A rider voucher for the special shopping experience

Our riders vouchers offer passionate horse lovers a unique online experience that we, as a horse lover, created for you as a horse lover. The product selection was very carefully curated, which means that we can offer the best equestrian stamps and articles for riders.

• Rider voucher for € 20
• Rider voucher for € 50
• Rider voucher for € 100
• Rider voucher for € 200
• Rider voucher for € 500

Depending on the occasion, a voucher for rider & horse should be given away, the amount of the shopping amount also differs. For, for example, our loyal customers often give € 200-500 and usually € 100 or € 200 for Christmas, with a corresponding article.

A voucher for horse lovers / gifts for horse lovers

The right equipment is important for a safe and joyful riding experience. With a voucher as a gift, the recipient person can have their own equipment according to individual Expand preferences. Of a Riding helmet and the Protective vest up to Riding jackets, Breeches and Boots we offer everything that makes rider hearts beat faster.

Our tabs vouchers are as flexible as the equestrian sport itself. You can choose a voucher for a desired amount and if your desired amount is not below the options listed, please feel free to write us. Of course, our team will respond to your wishes.

Our product range includes everything that require riders and many great ones Accessories. From Saddle, Care products and Rice Up to unusual Cavallo breeches, a suitable one dog blanket to Saddlebap And much more. We offer renowned brands that are known for high quality and performance. In our riding gifts we go into more detail on gift ideas for horse lovers.

The tab gifts guide

Gift ideas for riders - big and small

Special gifts for riders and horses make the little ones as well as great. The Kandel Christmas and Gift Shop for Horse & Rider has special promotions.

There is hardly anything better than a bright smile of enthusiastic horse lovers. Our gift freedoms are perfect for Christmas, birthday, Easter or another special occasion. In addition, large offers can be obtained in our equestrian shop at these special events.

With riding agent as a gift idea, such as riding gloves, breeches, saddle pads, riding jackets, horse cleaning cases, gaiters, riding helmets, riding boots or riding clothing, you can enjoy your child, friend, well-known or any other horse owner.

Horses & riders gifts - Christmas gifts for horse lovers

Christmas is just around the corner - now only the perfect gift for rider & horse is missing. As an equestrian shop, we have the best and mostly purchased gift ideas for riders. This ranges from great riding gift sets for Christmas to Christmas for Christmas. The joy of a new saddle pad, a great riding jacket, a nice halter, new gaiters or a nice horse blanket / sweat ceiling are always big - especially when it fits together, right?

Christmas presents for riders - it's worth it early

If a little surprise is to be made in advance, we offer an exclusive horses Advent calendar 2023. This is where 24 great surprises await horse lovers and their four -legged friend - from care, the equipment & lifestyle over feed. The horse Advent calendar ideal the Christmas season with branded products at a value of more than € 230.

Specific Christmas presents for horse lovers always depend on age, the existing equipment, discipline and individual advantages. For example, a few beautiful riding boots are well suited for children, whereas for the wife more often to Pikeur, Ariat or Eskadron as riding clothing. If the dog should also intercept a Christmas present, we offer great dog blankets for the winter.

Are you already thinking for your horse lover Christmas present, then you can get great discounts from the summer sale. Usually it is worth planning early, because -40% discount is usually no longer available with online rental shops shortly before Christmas. Plan your gifts early enough, because in December the Swiss Post often has delivery delays and bottlenecks. Therefore, it is usually worth ordering a few little things around September / October so that there is no shopping stress before Christmas. At that time, popular articles are often sold out or no longer available.

Gifts for horse girls:

Particularly popular gifts for horse girls are riding socks, horse mackers, a cleaning box, children's riding gloves and / or a chic children's riding jacket. In addition, there are still beautifully decorated whites, which always make a small chic extra in the saddle in the new designs - especially with glitter stone. Depending on the age group, a rider voucher is also worthwhile at this point-they are often bought as a gift for horse girls from 8, 10 or 12. Especially at this age there is a highlight to sniff through the online shop together with the parents or with the best rider friend and to discover the diversity of suitable ribbon.

If it is to be a breech helmet as a Christmas present, we offer different models as well as a buses Reithhelm, Samshield Reithhelm, Uvex Reithhelm and other brands. From black to brown and from glitter to glossy multicolored - there are no limits to the different designs and security is a top priority in equestrian sports. If it should be very chic, you can order a riding helmet bag so that the riding helmet in the saddle cabinet is protected from dirt and scratch.

Horse gifts for women

If a horse gift is sought for women, chic riding coating for women, an ESKADRON saddle pad with extras or other chic riding articles are best suited. Rider women primarily prefer our exclusive rider collections, in which we shine with steady discounts. We also conduct the best riding brands with the latest trends so that it can be shone in the stable.

Reisherds or riding vests are particularly popular for women as a horse gift, as are women riding boots. If the wife is to receive a great Christmas present for horse lovers, for example:
• Cavallo riding boots
• Ariat riding boots
• Busse riding boots
• Winter trial boots

In addition, great breeches can be considered as riders gifts, which are ideal at Christmas. In our riding shop and riding boot shop (the two link to the homepage) you will find a large selection - whether as a husband, child or parent.

Looking for a gift for riding instructor?

Christmas is just around the corner and you want to thank the people who have inspired and taught you all year round. Since the equestrian sport is full of passion, there is usually a close relationship with the riding instructor. With a riding instructor gift you can express your gratitude and appreciation. It does not have to be a bit great, because small gestures also show the estimate of the work.

So if you are looking for the perfect Christmas present for your riding instructor, then you are in the right place in our equestrian shop.

With our riding instructor gift ideas list you can learn a few ideas:

1. Riding clothing:
Surprise your teacher with a cool riding shirt or riding sweater - this is not only a functional gift, but also a warm gesture. Thanks to our sale actions, you can already get them around € 20.

2. Horse accessories as a gift:
Horse accessories such as riding socks, halter, shampoo, cleaning brushes and other articles are not only useful, but also a sign of gratitude. If you write a nice letter or thank you card, it becomes a personalized rider gift of a special kind.

3. Exclusive:
If you want to dig deeper into your pocket and make your riding instructor a great gift, you can find bridles, saddle pads, bits, gaiters and other great horse items in our range. Your coaching person will knock this out of the stool.

4. A money gift for horse lovers - voucher
If you are not sure what the best gift would be, you don't go wrong with a gift voucher. With this, your committed training person can choose what she or he wants. Regardless of the gift idea, you shouldn't forget a personal note. A small thank you letter or a personal card makes every gift even more valuable. Showing appreciation for those who accompany you on your riding path make the occasion special. Most riding fans use a gift for the riding instructor for a € 20 or € 50 voucher.

Original horse gift

Original horse gift pens can take place both through a riding shop voucher and the advantage of your own selection or through special products. Due to the variety of the shop, you can choose between different collections, the latest designs and send extras. A particularly original horse gift for riders is our horse advent calendar for this year, where you are surprised as a rider and your horse with great specials every day.

Why does a voucher make sense as a gift for horse lovers?

If there is no 100 % security over size or please, you are on the safe side with a riding voucher for our riding shop. In our voucher shop you will find a huge range of horse and ribbon. The best gifts for riders and horses are within reach - with a voucher size of your choice. You can print out the riding shop voucher with a preferred motif or receive it as a pretty voucher card by post. We are happy to send the voucher as a finished gift directly to the recipient. A horse & rider voucher is the perfect gift for an exciting and personal shopping experience in the online equestrian shop.

The best thing about this present? The vouchers can be redeemed for the entire horse and riding agent of the shop range- even for our dog blankets and other great articles.

Christmas present ideas for horse owners

How about a great warm riding jacket, e.g. from Pikeur, Ariat or Eskadron? CAVALLO also offers great products, e.g. riding artery, jackets, etc. If it should be a unusual Christmas present for riders, you can also buy saddles, bridles, great riding boots or riding boots with chaps and spores.

Thanks to our flexible return service, the recipient person can of course send unsuitable items and exchange them for a desired article or other size.

Birthday or Christmas gifts for riding for children

A radiant children's heart warms, especially if there is still joy about Santa Claus. Some ideas for this are:

• riding pants
• Riding outfit with shirt and sweater
• riding gloves
• whip
• saddle pad with glitter
• Setting sets sets
• Pony gaiters
• Pony accessories in general
• Pferdeleckerlies
• riding hat
• Ride helmet with glitter
• tailor -made riding boots

Gift sets as a gift idea

If everything fits optically, then the riding experience for young and old is raised to a new level. The Stallgasse is proud and chic and the new outfit is presented to the colleagues. There may be a little envy, because gift set tabs are something great - whether as a total package or individually compiled.