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Pad Close Contact Pocket Gel & Memory Foam 1/2 Pad W/Risers

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The Acavallo Close Contact Pocket Gel & Memory Foam ½ Pad combines the non -slip and shockproof properties of the Classic Gel Pads Acavallo with the shock -damping properties of Memory Foam and has two pockets that enable and remove layers from foam. The "tight contact" shape is designed so that it is less visible under the saddle than the standard memory foam top pad.
A great strength is to avoid unwanted movements of the saddle in every direction: forward, backwards and sideways.
In addition, the gel is able to compensate for small imperfections of horse resolution, so that it is also suitable for somewhat "rounder" back.
Due to the anatomical cut of the upholstery and the technical properties of the memory foam, the cushion adapts deep to the silhouette of the horse and also enables a large-scale distribution of the area pressure.
In addition to these properties, there is the ability to absorb bumps, dampen vibrations and regulate the horse's body temperature.
Each saddle pad is equipped with a set of four high -density foam layers to adapt the saddle if it has to be raised due to changes in the body building of the horse at the front or back. Fits under every style and size of English saddles and can be ideally combined with a simple square saddle or use alone. The Acavallo® Classic GEL is hypoallergenic, non -toxic and does not react negatively when contacting the skin. These properties enable the use of the pad directly to contact skin. The gel can also be cut and then adjusted to each saddle type if necessary. Properties of acavallo® gel - shock -damping - stabilizes the saddle - relieves the pressure - close contact - the balance of the saddle does not change - low weight - non -toxic - safe for use on the skin - Extreme elasticity - easy -care properties of acavallo® memory foam: - absorbing bumps - friction and friction are eliminated - very thin, where there are already pressure points and no volume is required - distributed the pressure evenly. Info & care: - can be washed in the machine (30 ° C) or by hand in a bucket of water with a little detergent - no sharp cleaning agents - do not dry in the laundry dryer - do not expose direct heat or heavy sunlight - dry in the air