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Jumping saddle Evo-S Configurator

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The modern jumping saddle for an exceptionally soft seat feel. This feeling is achieved by the soft inserts on the small saddle flaps and the soft seat mattress with a smooth transition to the saddle flap, which enables very good contact with the horse. In addition, the saddle tree is very comfortable in the area of the seat humps for optimum seating comfort and the narrow waist of the saddle allows riders to have direct contact with their horse. The saddle is also very soft and comfortable for the horse thanks to a 10 mm latex insert in the saddle panel. The EVO-S also offers the horse special freedom: optimum freedom of withers thanks to the cut-back saddle head, the widened gullet plate and the saddle panel, which supports maximum mobility of the horse's muscles in the trapezius muscle area. Optimum shoulder freedom thanks to the flexible panel nose, which lies softly against the shoulder area. Very good freedom of movement thanks to the flexibility of the saddle tree in the longitudinal axis and excellent spinal freedom with an even contact surface of the saddle. The short, round shape ensures that the panel moves quickly out of the horse's back. The saddle is available with sparkling Premium Crystals and design variants on the cantle.

Delivery time approx. 8 to 12 weeks