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Jumping saddle Prestige Instinct Configurator

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The Instinct CPS saddle offers the rider a wide and comfortable seat and a central position thanks to its semi-deep seat with CPS technology. The front pommel is wider and the points of the saddle tree are slightly set back compared to other saddles, allowing you to saddle further forward without obstructing your shoulders. The panels are relieved at shoulder height to give the horse additional freedom of movement. This makes the saddle suitable for horses with pronounced shoulders. In addition, the panels are extra wide at the front and back to offer the horse maximum comfort. At the front, the panels are designed to provide excellent shoulder freedom and flexibility from the very first use. The seat rubber has a double density that ensures a soft and firm seat. The saddle flaps are reinforced at the height of the stirrup strap loop to make it easier to maintain position. The third rein is independent to ensure optimum flexibility in positioning.

Delivery time approx. 6 to 9 weeks