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Pad Western Classic Gel Pad with Dri-Lex

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The Acavallo Western Classic Gel-Pad with Dri-Lex has the skin breathed and at the same time keeps excellent contact with the saddle.
The shaped gel from which it consists makes it thicker than a conventional upholstery, but guarantees a double purpose: non -slip and shock absorbing. A great strength is to avoid unwanted movements of the saddle in every direction: forward, backwards and sideways. In addition, the gel is able to compensate for small imperfections of horse resolution, so that it is also suitable for somewhat "rounder" back.
The middle part of the upholstery has a lower thickness, which better adapts to the withers and back of the horse and thus ensures more space between the saddle and gel, which enables continuous air circulation.
The Acavallo® Classic GEL is hypoallergenic, non -toxic and does not react negatively when contacting the skin. These properties enable the use of the pad directly to contact skin. The gel can also be cut and then adjusted to each saddle type if necessary.
Dri-Lex is a substance that combines hydrophobic and hydrophilic fibers in a composite structure unique in the industry. The inner layer remains dry, while the outer layer acts as a micros storage for sweat and the moisture evaporates. DRI-Lex fabrics were developed to improve nature's work. They quickly transport moisture through the power equipment to keep the body dry and comfortable.