Experience riding at its best with Cavallo - quality, style and innovation for horse and rider

The brand


Cavallo - more than just a brand, but a synonym for quality, style and innovation in equestrian sports. For years, Cavallo has accompanied discerning riders in their search for excellent riding clothing, stylish riding accessories and first-class horse equipment. In this article, we take a detailed look at the world of Cavallo and present high-quality products that will take your riding experience to a new level.

Cavallo riding clothing - quality meets style:

Cavallo riding clothing embodies elegance, functionality and maximum comfort. From riding breeches with an optimum fit to stylish riding vests and high-quality riding jackets, Cavallo offers a comprehensive selection for men, women and children. Each garment is the result of innovative designs and meticulous craftsmanship to meet the needs of discerning riders.

Cavallo breeches are characterized not only by their comfortable fit, but also by innovative materials that allow optimum freedom of movement. The selection ranges from classic models for everyday wear to special breeches for dressage or show jumping riders. Cavallo sets standards in terms of comfort and style.

Stylish riding vests from Cavallo are the perfect complement to any rider's outfit. The sophisticated cuts and high-quality materials not only provide warmth, but also a touch of elegance in the saddle. Whether you're on the showground or out riding - Cavallo riding vests make a fashionable statement.

High-quality riding jackets from Cavallo not only offer protection from wind and weather, but also an innovative design. The models range from sporty to elegant to meet the diverse requirements of equestrian sport. Every Cavallo riding jacket is a combination of functionality and style.

Riding accessories and horse equipment - innovation for horse and rider:

Cavallo not only impresses with first-class riding clothing, but also with a comprehensive range of riding accessories and horse equipment. From high-quality riding shoes to innovative horse rugs - every rider will find high-quality accessories for their horse and themselves here.

Cavallo riding shoes for men and women set standards in terms of comfort and functionality. The selection ranges from classic riding boots to sporty riding shoes. Each model is characterized by first-class materials and precise workmanship - the cornerstones of Cavallo.

High-quality riding boots from Cavallo are not only an essential part of riding equipment, but also a statement of style. The models impress with innovative technologies that meet the demands of riders at the highest level. Whether dressage or show jumping - with Cavallo riding boots you can rely on the highest quality.

Innovative horse rugs from Cavallo ensure the well-being of your horse. Whether in the stable or in the paddock - the high-quality rugs not only offer protection from the cold, but also an optimum fit. Cavallo horse rugs combine functionality and design to perfection.

Cavallo saddle accessories are the first choice for riders who place the highest demands on their equipment. From saddle covers to girths - every product impresses with its quality and functionality. Cavallo relies on materials that can withstand the stresses and strains of equestrian sports while keeping the horse's well-being in mind.

Horse care products from Cavallo round off the range. From high-quality care products for the hooves to care products for the coat - every rider will find the right products to optimally care for their horse. Cavallo focuses on sustainable care products that promote the health of the horse.

Cavallo for competition riders - quality at the highest level:

Cavallo also offers a special line for competition riders who place the highest demands on their riding clothing. Cavallo's competition clothing combines elegance and functionality for a convincing appearance on any showground. From dressage to show jumping - with Cavallo you are always perfectly equipped.

Comfortable riding gloves from Cavallo are not only an indispensable accessory, but also a guarantee for optimum grip and comfort. The models are characterized by innovative materials that meet the requirements of competition sport. Cavallo riding gloves focus on quality and style.

Cavallo riding boots offer competition riders the opportunity to purchase first-class quality at unbeatable prices. The models not only impress with their fit, but also with innovative technologies that maximize comfort in the saddle. With Cavallo, you will be a real eye-catcher on any showground.

Cavallo riding clothing for children ensures that even the youngest riders can enjoy quality and style. The child-friendly designs and high-quality materials make Cavallo the first choice for parents who value the best quality. Cavallo accompanies children on their first riding adventures.

Fashionable riding accessories from Cavallo:

Cavallo not only sets accents in its main clothing, but also in its riding accessories. From trendy riding shoes to stylish horse halters - riders will find the perfect additions to their look here. Cavallo riding accessories focus on fashionable accents and the highest quality.

Trendy riding boots from Cavallo are not only eye-catching, but also guarantee optimum comfort. The models are characterized by innovative designs that correspond to the current trends in equestrian sports. With Cavallo, riders make fashion statements in the saddle.

Stylish riding vests from Cavallo complete every rider's outfit. The selection ranges from sporty models to elegant designs. Cavallo uses materials that not only keep you warm, but also meet fashion demands. With Cavallo you are stylishly on the move in the saddle.

Fashionable riding breeches from Cavallo offer variety in everyday riding. The variety ranges from classic cuts to modern designs. Cavallo uses colors, patterns and details to create breeches that are not only functional but also fashionable.

Cavallo riding accessories offer the opportunity to purchase high-quality accessories at attractive prices. From riding gloves to horse halters - riders will find everything their heart desires here. Cavallo focuses on quality and style to make riders happy.

Riding with style - Cavallo is synonymous with quality:

Cavallo is not just a brand, but a promise to riders worldwide. The combination of quality, style and innovation makes Cavallo the first choice for discerning riders. Cavallo products not only impress with their aesthetic appearance, but also with their functionality and durability.

Cavallo's equestrian products range from classic riding clothing to fashionable riding accessories and innovative horse equipment. Each product is designed with the utmost care and attention to detail to meet the demands of equestrian sport. With Cavallo, you can rely on quality that has stood the test of time.

Cavallo not only stands for high-quality products, but also for a passion for equestrian sports. The company understands the needs of horses and riders and implements these in every single product. Attention to detail, innovative technologies and a flair for trends make Cavallo a brand that makes riders' hearts beat faster.