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Novocontact Unterlegtrense - kleiner D-Ring - Reitstiefel Kandel - Dein Reitshop Novocontact Unterlegtrense - kleiner D-Ring - Reitstiefel Kandel - Dein Reitshop
SprengerNovocontact underlaid bridle - small D-ring
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Olivenkopfgebiss EDELSTAHL - Reitstiefel Kandel - Dein Reitshop Olivenkopfgebiss EDELSTAHL - Reitstiefel Kandel - Dein Reitshop
BusseOlive head bit STAINLESS STEEL
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Bite simply broken

Simply broken bits are a widespread choice among riders and horse owners. These bits are known for their simplicity and effectiveness. Consisting of two side rings and two bent parts with a movable middle leg, they are connected to each other. These bits are available from senso, stainless steel, copper, with rubber and as a base lines, water bridle, olive head or D-ring.

Simply broken bit: Sprenger test center with us

In the Sprenger test center with us you have the opportunity to get simple broken bits from the renowned brand sprinkler to test in detail. This offers you a unique way to find out the right function and fit for your horse from simply broken bitten.

Important points in relation to the test center:
Sprenger bit quality:
Sprenger is known for its high -quality bits and thanks to the test center you have the opportunity to test this quality over us.
Diversity of the selection:
Sprenger offers a wide range of simply broken bitten so that you can try different models and sizes.
Practical experience:
Test center enable riders to test and determine the bits in practice and determine which best suits your horse.
Optimization of riding:
By testing the simply broken bits from Sprenger, you can find out how to better interact with your horse through reins - by finding the most suitable for you.

What are simply broken bits? A simply broken bit consists of a single joint in the middle. This joint allows the bit to bend and adapt to the horse's mouth. If you absorb the reins when riding, there is a installation of the joint. This relieves the middle of the tongue, but more pressure is exerted on the edges and lips. This effect is also referred to as "nutcracker", but it has been refuted by studies. Attention: if the teeth are too large or thick, but this effect can occur or the medium joint turns and press on the palate.

Simply broken bite:

  • A joint: Simply broken bits have only one joint in the middle
  • More direct influence: They exert a direct pressure on the tongue and the palate of the horse
  • Easier design: Their design is less complex and consists of two straight parts
  • Less flexibility: They are less flexible and adapt less to the individual mouth shape than Double broken bites
  • Suitable for clear signals: Suitable for horses that react to direct and clear signals
  • TIP: There is a simply broken teeth from Sprenger in our equestrian shop with stainless steel, anatomical and an even pressure distribution on the tongue, palate and loading.

Application of simply broken bitten

Simply broken bits are widespread in the basic training of young horses. They offer clear communication between the rider and horse and also enable effective help and action on the horse's mouth. If your horse appeals well to clear signals, this teeth could be the right thing for you. In addition, you can have a supportive effect if your horse rolls up a lot and you want to achieve an improved approach to the rider's hand. Most horses run well with the water bridle as a simply broken teeth. If you lack the side leaning, you can simply broke on a thigh grain or simply fall back on olive head renses.

Advantages and disadvantages of simply broken bitten

A bit simply broken is not suitable for all horses. Some could be sensitive to the side pressure or the inadequate adaptation that a simply broken bit on the tongue. In such cases, the use of a double broken bit or others Special bits be advisable.

Each bit brings its own advantages and disadvantages. These are always heavily dependent on the respective horse and the riding style. After an old riding style, it is said that the rider's hand always determines how the bit ultimately works. If your horse goes against the teeth, has a tongue error, defends itself against help or beats with your head, it can be a sign that you should try another bit. From many sides it is also said in the riding theory that a simply broken bit is well suited for beginners, since a double -broken effectively effects on the tongue.

Water bridle simply broken

The water bridle as a simple broken bit is one of the most common bites in the cavalry. This teeth have a simple but effective design and offers some important features:

  1. A joint: The water bridle is simply broken, which means that it has a single joint in the middle. This joint enables the bit to bend and flexion to influence the tongue and mouth angle of the horse.
  2. Direct pressure: It exerts direct pressure on the tongue and the palate of the horse, which means that clear signals can be transmitted.
  3. Simple design: Due to their simple structure, water braws are usually easy to use and use.
  4. Versatile: The water rens simply broken is available in different versions and can be used for a variety of riding disciplines as well as performance levels.
  5. Good for beginners: Simply broken bits such as the water bridle are often a good choice for beginners and horse types that react to a clear and direct influence.
  6. Possibilities of variation: There are different models of the water bridle simply broken, i.e. with thicker or thinner pieces of mouth, which differ in print, material and intensity.

The simply broken water bridle is a versatile horse bite that is well suited for many horses. According to the LPO, it is approved, insofar as the corners of the mouth is not clamped. You can find more guidelines in Training catalog of the FN. However, the right choice also depends on the individual needs of your horse and your preferences. It is important that the simply broken water bridle fits well, has 0.5cm freedom on each side and is correctly attached to the bridle. This is the only way to increase your horse's well -being when riding and cause training progress.

Olive head bite simply broken

The olive head bit simply broken is very popular as a horse bite. It is characterized by its characteristic, oval centerpiece, which has an olive -like shape and offers a simple but effective design with functions. The most important features are:

  1. Simply broken: A single joint in the middle allowed us to bend and flexion on the tongue and the mouth angle of the horse.
  2. Olive -shaped centerpiece: The oval centerpiece of the teeth is reminiscent of an olive and is gently lying on the horse tongue. It can increase comfort and help to avoid pressure points.
  3. Direct pressure: By direct pressure on the tongue and the palate, clear signals are transmitted to the horse.
  4. Versatility: The olive head bite simply broken is versatile and is suitable for jumping, dressage, versatility or for beginners and young horses. It is particularly common in the dressage world and in eventing.
  5. Good for sensitive mouths: The olive -shaped middle piece and the simple break can offer horses with sensitive mouths a pleasant option.
  6. Adaptation options: These olive head bits are available in different versions, e.g. as a D-ring bridle or with rubber.

The choice of the olive head bite with simple break depends on the individual needs of the horse and the preferences of the rider. It is important that the teeth fits well - usually olive head bits are selected 0.5 to 1 cm smaller than a ring bridle.

The care of a simply broken bit

In order to ensure the longevity of your simply broken bit, regular cleaning is important after each use. So rinse the bit thoroughly with water after each use, dry it and store it in a dry place. Too much humidity can be yours Bridle make you mold. If you have a simply broken bit with rust, we recommend replacing this. Simply broken bits are a proven choice and offer you clear communication with your horse. When choosing, it is important that you take into account the sensitivities of your horse.