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Cavallo breeches and riding leggings - perfect fit, first-class comfort and stylish design for riders who value quality.



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Reithose VIP CAJA GRIP HIGH WAIST Fullgrip - Reitstiefel Kandel - Dein Reitshop Reithose VIP CAJA GRIP HIGH WAIST Fullgrip - Reitstiefel Kandel - Dein Reitshop
CavalloBreeches VIP CAJA GRIP HIGH WAIST Fullgrip
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Reithose CHRISTY MOBILE Softshell Ganzbesatz - Reitstiefel Kandel - Dein Reitshop Reithose CHRISTY MOBILE Softshell Ganzbesatz - Reitstiefel Kandel - Dein Reitshop
CavalloRiding breeches CHRISTY MOBILE softshell full seat
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Cavallo breeches and riding leaves set standards in terms of quality, comfort and style for riders around the world. Our collection combines innovative designs with high -quality materials to offer you the best possible riding experience. The cavallo breeches are not just a piece of clothing, but a statement. Each couple is manufactured with the highest precision in order to meet the requirements of riding professionals and leisure riders alike. The optimal fit, the movement -friendly cuts and the technical details make Cavallo breeches the first choice for demanding riders. Women's breeches from Cavallo embody feminine elegance and technical sophistication. From dressage ridges with grip to show jumping, our collection offers a wide selection for every discipline. Each few breeches were developed to not only meet high demands, but also to guarantee a stylish appearance in the saddle. Men's breeches from Cavallo stand for masculine elegance and functionality. Our collection includes everything from classic breeches to modern designs that meet the dynamic requirements of male riders. Quality, comfort and style are the top priority at Cavallo. Cavallo riding gings offer a perfect combination of convenience and functionality. The riding tights are not only stylish, but also technically well thought out. Breathable materials and innovative technologies ensure that you feel completely comfortable even in intensive riding lessons. Riding trousers with grip are a highlight of the Cavallo collection. The special inserts offer optimal hold in the saddle and enable precise movements. Whether dressage, jumping or leisure riding - cavallo breeches with grip set new standards in terms of performance and security. Cavallo Riding Wear goes beyond the classic riding look. Our riding pants and riding gings are not only functional, but also aesthetically appealing. The fashionable designs reflect current trends and always let them cut a good figure in the saddle. Cavallo's riding leggings are more than just a pair of pants-they are a must-have for every rider. Comfortable, flexible and stylish - these leggings not only accompany you in the stable, but also with other activities around the horse. Cavallo Equestrian Apparel offers versatility for modern riders. Breathable riding leaves ensure that you feel fresh and comfortable even in warm weather. The high -quality materials enable optimal ventilation and thus support your well -being in the saddle. Cavallo Reitleggings are the perfect choice for riders who want to keep a cool head even in intensive rides. The Cavallo Riding Gear collection not only includes riding pants and riding gings, but also a selection of suitable accessories. Combine your riding pants with our elegant riding gloves, breathable riding socks and stylish riding caps for a complete look. Cavallo dressage riders offer the perfect mix of elegance and technical perfection. The cuts are tailored to the requirements of the dressage, while the high -quality materials and technical details ensure maximum comfort and performance. Cavallo show jumping leggings are designed for dynamic jumps and demanding course. The special inserts and cuts enable maximum freedom of movement and support in the saddle. Jump with style and security - only with Cavallo Riding Gear. Modern breeches from Cavallo set trends in riding clothing. From classic, elegant designs to modern cuts, our collection offers a wide selection for every taste. Browse through our range and find your perfect breeches. Functional riding leggings from Cavallo not only offer an appealing look, but also well thought -out details for maximum performance. From practical pockets to increased games for optimal grip - our riding leggings are tailored to the needs of modern riders. Riding trousers for competitions from Cavallo are more than just equipment - they are a contribution to success. Our collection offers the perfect mix of style and functionality to give you the decisive advantage in competition. Comfortable Riding Pants from Cavallo are made for long riding lessons. The comfortable cuts and high -quality materials ensure that you still feel comfortable in the saddle even after hours. Invest in quality and comfort - invest in cavallo breeches and riding gings. Cavallo Riding Gear is not only limited to the riding arena. Our riding pants and riding gings are also the perfect choice for leisure riders. Wear the Cavallo style proudly with relaxed rides or other activities around the horse. Discover the combination of style, comfort and quality with cavallo breeches and riding gings. Our collection is not just a wardrobe, but a statement. We invite you to become part of our rider family and to experience the quality of Cavallo firsthand. Browse through our range and experience the perfect connection between style and functionality - only with Cavallo.