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KK Ultra Unterlegtrense Sensogan 12 mm - Reitstiefel Kandel - Dein Reitshop KK Ultra Unterlegtrense Sensogan 12 mm - Reitstiefel Kandel - Dein Reitshop
SprengerKK Ultra underlaid bridle Sensogan 12 mm
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Dynamic RS Olivenkopf Unterlegtrense Sensogan 14 mm - Reitstiefel Kandel - Dein Reitshop Dynamic RS Olivenkopf Unterlegtrense Sensogan 14 mm - Reitstiefel Kandel - Dein Reitshop
SprengerDynamic RS olive head bridle Sensogan 14 mm
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1 Color available

What is a rectangle?

Legal rates are an essential part of your capacity. One Kandare consists of a bit of the lower rense and Rod. So that Rod When riding does not look too "sharp", a base rense is combined. A frequent question in our shop: Where is the difference between the bottom line and normal teeth?
The place in the horse's manure is limited and for this reason, the base bridles are generally thinner than a class water bridle. Likewise, the bite rings of the bottom rense are smaller so that they do not bump into the so -called tree of your Kandarenbiezen when riding.

By separate Rein (a total of 2 with one Kandare) you can also give your horse about the base bridle. In this way you can influence the dentition with which teeth would like to communicate with your horse at the moment. In general, it is recommended to more loosely to lead the scandal reins and to take the render bridle more.

Just like the classic water bridle, you can get the ress races in different variations:
• Simply broken base lines
• Double broken base lines
• Olive head underlay
• Stainless steel base rense
• Sensogan underlan
• Sweet Copper

You always have to decide individually with which your horse in combination with the rod bite is better. Most riders select the same version at this point, which they are with their normal Bridle to use. With the olive head underlay, you have the advantage that the corners of the mouth cannot be clamped. With the classic rings, however, your horse can avoid great pressure.

In our equestrian shop we offer Sprenger base bridles and buses.

Legal rense - what size?

The satellite rates should be similar to that of your standard Bridle be. The Kandarenbiss is located below your base bridle, where the horse milling becomes narrower. Therefore, this should be chosen about 0.5-1cm smaller than the base grid. You can choose between a thickness of 12mm, 14mm and 16 mm in our shop. The thickness is the thickness of the base bridles. The sizes of the base bridles range from 95mm to 155mm. Depending on how wide and large the horse's milling is, you have a large selection of sprinklers underlan races here.

Are you unsure about the size of your standard bite?
Then you can carefully put a thin cord in the horse's mouth (where the base lying will lie) and take the dimensions. Note that there should be a finger -wide space on the left and right. If your standard bit has the size 14.5, you can also select the base bridle in 145mm.

Legenders for the Kandare

The Scan Based on the English breeches and has two pieces of cheek. The two different bits are attached to these and with Two pairs of reins connected to the rings. This characteristic is the main difference to the conventional bridle. Bite used. The bottom line should not be used as a normal teeth because it has smaller rings. Another accessories of Kandaren is the Jettle. This runs below the horse chin in the chin pit and is done by hooks on the Bite "Attached". Another major difference to the normal bridle is that Kandaren have no locking belt.

According to the FN guidelines, a base bridle and a Stage scandaries bite Together in the Kandare. The base grenade should be approx. 1 cm longer than that Scandal Being and protruding a little more out of the horse. The trees from your candar bit should be relatively close to the mouth. When putting on the carcasses, make sure that the kinkette is not twisted. This should also not be too long, otherwise the bit can be turned too far and there is pressure on the palate.

Legendary bridle

Sprenger is sometimes the king among the bit manufacturers. So you will find a variety of Sprenger base races in our equestrian shop. You can choose between different models:
• Legal rense Sprenger twice broken
• Learn rense Sprenger simply broken
• Rustproof steel underlay
• Olive head underlay
• Legendary rense olive head Sensogan
• Dynamic models
• Novocontact models

You also get the different types in all sizes and different colors. It is special to ride with a candy and so the smallest color tuning should fit. So that your outfit is perfect Can you also have a chic look from our Eskadron collection, Pikeur collection or e.g. Ariat collection choose.

Which underlay is the best?

The opinions of bitten are generally shared - whether simply or twice broken and olive head or water head. Many experts refer to the orientation on the standard dentition when choosing the base rense, as your horse is used to it.

Our best underlan rates that are the most bought:

Due to the modern geometry of the Novocontact, this is particularly popular with riders. Which fits your horse best is individual. Thanks to our Sprenger TestCenter, you can test different models and filter out the best underlook for you. For example, the Novocontact models are very wide and gently on the horse tile, which can support your reference. In addition, they act as help if your horse should become a little stronger in the mouth. At this point, a base-base-broken one would be recommended. As part of the Sprenger practical tests, the horses have always reacted positively to these models, since the ergonomic fit perfectly adapts and supports a soft and clear influence.

Buy the underlan rens online

Questions about questions and answers about answers. If you want to buy a suitable size, you are exactly right with us. We offer you suitable models for Pony rider and large horses so that your scandare gets the best underground rense. buses is also represented in our range, as these have proven to be very good. Browse through our shop, conveniently order online and contact our committed equestrian team at any time. At over 90 years of expertise, we are at your side.